Marketing & Strategies

  • Developing a comprehensive, data-driven enrollment and marketing strategy to recruit Chinese students.
  • Executing the strategic initiatives of your university in China
  • Maintaining the highest levels of competitor awareness and collecting market intelligence.
  • Building the communication capabilities with your partner universities, potential prospects, and the alumni community through presentations, workshops, and webinars.
  • Building and managing your Chinese website, and social media such as WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, Bilibili – the video-sharing platforms, etc.
  • Placing effective advertisements on digital platforms to enhance the university/school’s image and generate more qualified leads.

Admission and Recruitment

  • Building, sourcing, and managing the key accounts to drive enrollment for the university.
  • Working effectively with the different agencies by training their front-line counselors to generate more qualified leads
  • Establishing rapport and building strong relationships with current and prospective students, families, faculty, staff, partners, and other external institutions and vendors.
  • Provide academic advising, guidance, program counseling, university admissions preparation, and educational planning for students who are undecided on their major.
  • Leverage technology to support a data-driven approach to recruitment
  • Travel within the territory representing the university, attend recruitment events and outreach activities, seminars, conferences, meetings, and training events to assist key accounts and student pipeline management.

Student Services

  • Guiding, mentoring, and supporting students through academic, cultural, social, and immigration transitions
  • Advising the Chinese students with F-1 visa application requirements and documentation.
  • Preparing the admitted students with the pre-departure briefing including international travel, housing, transportation, etc.
  • We are providing additional support for students with an emergency.

Employer Engagement

With a mission to help students explore their careers and discover how they want to create value in the world, we offer overall career services to Chinese students who return to China for a job search from the following aspects:

  • Multifaceted career counseling/advising for returning home students.
  • Activate local employer/institution/peer universities/alumni network.

Alumni Engagement & Activities

  • Organizing the events for alumni gathering
  • Developing/executing the alumni engagement strategy

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